Nov 27, 2009

A report from Chiang Mai's red light district (Loi Kroh Road)

The whores here are all uniformly ugly. Not old -- I'd say average age here is perhaps around 30 -- but ugly: they have misshapen bodies and ugly faces; the best looking are the ones which make no impression at all -- indifferent, inert. This is perhaps specific to this place: I have seen pretty whores elsewhere in Thailand (Pattaya had some pretty girls, as I remember, whores in Chiang Klang Road looked better, too).

In many ways they are like all Thai women: they are sweet to be around with, full of compliments and kindnesses and praises and agreeable noises; they are good cuddlers; this is all very heartwarming, even if they do keep asking for more money (one shouldn't take that personally, it's part of the job description). And, like all the Thai women I have ever had (all but one) they are awful in bed: they have low libido, low stamina, poor apparatus, mental reservations, and non-existent -- or at best fumbling -- technique.

Makes me wonder about all the men who keep coming back for more; and those who claim that Thai whores are great in bed. It is, I suppose, like Nahedeh said: most people simply have no idea about what sex could be. (Or else are easily satisfied). Nearly every porn-flick confirms the suspicion: every time I see one, I think to myself: they do this wrong: this cannot possibly feel good.

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Rebekah said...

Has it ever occurred to you that they are 'fumbling' because they don't want to be there, and that they ask for more money because they have to, or they will be beaten by their traffickers? Many women in S.E. Asia are trafficked and forced into prostitution from a very young age. Trust me, I have done much research on the topic. Many 'sacrifice' themselves for the sake of their families, believing this is the only way they can earn enough to support them. They lead clients to believe that they enjoy the 'job' but in truth, they don't. It is seen as a necessary evil. But, if there was no demand, there would be far less supply and their families would think twice before selling them off before puberty. Perhaps they'd end up in a far nicer job. Even farming would be preferable. I know their stories - I've met them, and they were honest with me. They would rather be teachers, nurses etc but lack of education has left them with no alternative.

Please, be a real man and treat women with dignity and honour, like they deserve.